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Sep 15, 2012 8:00am PDT
while making the film. >> i made it clear that the united states has a profound respect for people of all faiths. we stand for religious freedom. we reject the denigration of any religion including islam. but there is never any justification for violence. there is no religion that condones the targeting of innocent men and women. there is no excuse for attacks on our embassies an consulates. the united states will never tolerate our efforts to harm fellow americans. >> demonstrations are being held in 31 countries where four people have been killed in the chaos. u.s. troops are on their way to secure embassies in sudan, yemen and libya. due to the circumstances, a question remains, should youtube pull the offensive video clip from their website. >> reporter: in more than 30 countries, rioting and two other embassies are under siege. film has sparked anti-american violence killing and reactions from muslims to northern california. >> it was disrespectful and outrageous. something like this to put out to represent any people. >> they viewed the video and he agrees with the muslim argume
Sep 8, 2012 8:00am PDT
in all. >> this is possibly the greatest cluster that has occurred in united states that i'm aware of. >> early symptoms can take up to six weeks to appear and include fatigue, fever and chills. those quickly give way to coughing and breathing problems as the lungs fill with fluid. worst part is there is no known treatment or cure. >> there is nothing you can do if you were exposed. >> one of america's oldest and most popular parks has a serious threat. it attracts visitors worldwide. now it could mean a worldwide public health hazard. >> terry: bay area advance of the space shuttle is going to be getting a unique look at spacecraft. it's free. nasa is transported can the space shuttle endeavour down to los angeles. during that journey atop a 747. the endeavour will do low level flyovers and we are included september 20th. it will mass over moffett field and go over san francisco and other california cities. i don't know, maybe the san jose to oakland but stay tuned for the details where it will take place and weather on september 20th is going to be... i'm excited. i remember the pic
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2